Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer, bah humbug!

           The calender still says June, but to the body it feels more like August, what is up with the weather this year, oh wait, and last year too? We seem to be a month early at least all year long, so far anyway. Spring only lasted a month before summer hit hard and dry! And summer hasn't officially begun yet, I'm wondering what August will bring? Plus, at this rate, I"m already hoping fall will be early too!
   And, I'm not alone in my thinking and wishing, most everyone has complained about the above normal temps and lack of rain, so at least I know it's just not me! As I get older, and I turn a year older in a few days, I don't take kindly to the heat, not when the number hits 90 and climbing. Can't forget the humidity either, it's been up there too, so humid the other night, my camera lens was too foggy for a clear shot! I feel for the wildlife, plant life and all the air conditioners working overtime trying to keep our houses comfy, man, am I ever grateful for air conditioning!
    So, how do you stay cool and beat the heat other than stay inside? I like to watch Christmas movies or winter themed, anything with snow in it, you get the idea! The old tea jug is working overtime too and oh yes, ice cream is a must, and well earned after a evening of weeding the garden......I guess I don't have to tell you summer is not my favorite season! Stay cool and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the dad's out there!


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