Monday, June 14, 2010

Porch Season Giveaway!

             Oh, tis the season for porch sitting, decorating and living outside as much as possible! Summer is here! It feels like summer already, we went from a little taste of spring to a big blast of summer, both odd for us! I sure hope Mother Nature gets back on track soon, but till then, we can always make the best of it and even if that means not getting out on the porch till the sun goes down a bit, well, that's life and porch season!

       It's been awhile since I've had a giveaway so I thought no better reason than to celebrate the Great American Porch! I have a wonderful little coffee table book on "Porches" that will be the giftie, so leave me a comment here on what your porch looks like, is it old and full of flair? Or is it new, treated and simple? I love porches and I love hearing about them and seeing them too, so inspire me with yours in detail, and if you have a photo posted on your blog of your porch, you will be entered twice if you leave a link for all of us to visit! And for a third shot at the book, email me the name of the famous porch in the photo above! I'll be curious to see how many know of it! You have till June 22 to enter so good luck and get out and enjoy your porch!


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