Thursday, May 06, 2010

Pray Today, Everyday

          Today marks the 59th annual National Day of Prayer, but like Earth Day, this day is also a daily event with me, something that we can't afford to give up, like the Goverment would like to enforce. No matter your faith or beliefs, know that I have prayed for you, because I care. I care about the human race, our country, my family and friends. I care, period. Why? Because I am free to do so, free to pray and free to live my life as I see fit and believe what makes me comfortable in this big, harsh world. Peace is what I find when I pray. I'm still learning the word of God but I have the grace to reap the comfort from my sins being washed away.
I can't expect God to use me different from the way he created me, so I go forth and tend to my merices, one by one.  I can only pray that my right be to faithful never expires......

        My relationship with God is personal, so I keep it close, but every now and then, my words will speak of my faith but my love for our creator will always shine through me! Politics will hardly ever arise here but if they do, know that it's something pretty powerful for me to post about it, as with the National Day of Prayer, something that could be slipped under the rug if our Goverment cleans house! Pray today, pray everyday!


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