Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm 300 Strong!

          Keeping my promise that I would host another giveaway when my followers reached 300, I'm happy to post that I'm 300 strong, thanks to all of you! Like so many, when I started my blogging experience, I had no idea it would become this huge part of my life, I'm so thankful it has. I can't begin to tell you how much your comments mean to me, the friendships that have formed, and the knowledge I've gained from your blogs! My daily reads are like opening up my favorite book each day! Blogging has made me a better person, so to thank my followers, this giveaway is for you! Just leave me a comment here, tell me what you like most about Country Pleasures so I can keep you happy! I aim to please and there's no reason to blog if no one is going to read it! I love to write and I want to share what you want to read, so comment away! This giveaway is open to just my followers as a way to thank them, if you really like my blog, you may become a follower and get entered in this giveaway, but please don't just follow me just to get entered, I only want true readers. I'll leave this open till the 27th. I have a nice surprise package in mind to celebrate this milestone of mine, again thank you all for giving me reason to write, share and learn!


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