Thursday, April 29, 2010

The High Price of Gardening

             I'm not rich by any means other than being blessed with a wonderful life, and I am budget conscious so to see the price hike in bedding plants this year is just shocking to me! I'm not going to pay $3.50 for one tomato plant when I can buy a whole seed pack for less than a dollar, make sense to you? Gardeners are getting lazy and catering to the idea that bigger is better, when patience pays off in the end, just not as fast.
I'm afraid for the gardening industry if things don't change, we the gardeners need to practice the old ways of seed saving, sharing and organic farming, even in own little backyards. We make a difference in everything we do!

     I paid a price to weed my flower beds last night, I lost my diamond out of my wedding ring! There's no telling where it went too or when it fell out, so looking for it was a waste of time, but I hoped it was in my work glove, no such luck. I'm heartbroken. We will try to have it replaced but it won't be the same. That diamond was my one and only real stone of perfection, does it lessen the union it stood for, NO.  It just had 18 years of memories to shine over! The ring catches on everything now, reminding me the stone is lost, but our love is not! We do get attached to symbols of our life, don't we. A ring is just a circle of precious metal holding a stone of perfection, no wonder it's a symbol for the union of two hearts.

    My flower bed means even more to me now, it knows the sweat and tears of my labor, love and life! My "rock" will shine forever, a diamond in the ruff! The high price of gardening took on a whole new meaning! Happy gardening and save those seeds!


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