Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Garden Beds

        The tiller has been busy preparing a new garden spot for the family to plant and dreams of fresh produce  always tempt us to plant more than we need or can take care of.  It's ok to think small and these straw bale beds are perfect for a small family with a small yard or little acreage. We have 2 acres and I'm thinking these beds would make our gardening season alot easier plus you can compost the whole thing once the straw bales rot, I love that idea!

     I got my garlic bed in and once the wind moves on, will get my peppers out. The wind has been so hard all week, just whipping everything around and the temps. have been above normal but the trees are budding, flowers blooming and bugs buzzing so I think it's safe to say spring is here in full force! Don't forget my Earth Day giveaway below, it's been a pleasure reading how you all help keep our planet green, thank you!


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