Sunday, March 14, 2010

Easter Blessings Giveaway

The time change is the gateway to springtime and the first holiday of spring is always Easter. I love traditions, and can remember always getting a new Easter dress each year, once complete with hand muff and matching purse, we were stylish back in the day, weren't we. I know stores still go all out to take advantage of each holiday and the Easter dresses have been out for display for weeks now, but I wonder just how much tradition is still left in Easter? Do you attend sunrise service at your church? Dose your family gather for a feast and egg hunt? Just how do you celebrate Easter? That is the theme for my Easter Blessings Giveaway, because I think tradition matters and I enjoy hearing of all the ways people celebrate such holidays, so leave me a comment here on how you celebrate Easter. This giveaway will be open for one week, ending next Sunday, March 21. The giftie will be Easter goodies of course, maybe for decorating, eating or to start your own tradition. Blessings are born from our family rituals and memories are made. Let's keep the true meaning of Easter close in our hearts and in our families. Good luck and blessings abound!


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