Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Earth Day Giveaway!

       April is knocking on our door, blooming wildly and budding out all around us, so is Earth Day!  And I'm honoring that day with a giveaway, a green cleaning giveaway! Earth day should be everyday, we take advantage of our planet and treat it so badly at times. Just try to imagine our world without flowers, trees and birds....this makes me sad to even think of such a day. But, it could day.  God forgive us!

     As a gardener, bird watcher and nature lover, this matters to me, ALOT!  I grow organicly, no pesticles here. I ban products like Roundup and other chemicals that only do harm to our planet. Monsanto sucks! And that's enough from my potty mouth! We got to take a stand for something, or not stand at all! I prefer to stand up for our planet, I want my grandchildren to enjoy the great outdoors as they were intended.

     Ok, stepping down from my soapbox and back to the giveaway, I have a brand new copy of a wonderful little book, "The Naturally Clean Home" that I will be gifting it to one lucky reader, this book is a great handbook for cleaning your home without chemicals and using natural products, like herbs! A wonderful resource for the beginner or pro. Just leave me a comment here on how you celebrate Earth Day, do you have a annual ritual  or a new way to save mother earth? Inspire us, you have till April 22, Earth Day to get your comments posted and shared.  Let's make a difference and give back to our great planet!


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