Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Good Housekeeping!

Can you believe this magazine is 125 years old, I had no idea it's been around that long! So many of my favorite magazines have gone out of print leaving me sad and feeling the loss each month, I do treasure my reading material! Good Housekeeping isn't one that I normally buy anymore, it's come along way but in the wrong direction, I think. Like so many others in this genre, they have pulled away from their roots and are trying to impress the younger generation, which is fine for some, but magazines like Good Housekeeping were published with house wives in mind, and in this day and age, being a housewife is not always possible or welcomed. I've always loved and enjoyed taking care of my home and family, and still do,so if that refers to me as a housewife, I"m proud of it! But the youngins don't see it that way, so the magazines are selling them on hip and easy ways to get around it. Progress I suppose, but I think this country is due for some good old fashioned housekeeping!


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