Thursday, October 08, 2009

Outside Decor

When decorating for fall or the holidays do you remember to add some flair to the great outdoors? I do, gives me even more space to decorate and adds some charm to the house. Hubby made me window boxes in the spring and I had them plum full of petunias and vinca vines, but I didn't want them to sit bare till next spring, so with some extra fall foliage and flowers, I used the dirt as my base, it holds the flower picks in place nicely, granted these shown here will always be my outside decor, and that's fine. I found the lanterns at Family Dollar for $3 each, they match our shutters and can also be used for Christmas decorations. I'm happy my window boxes won't be empty all year long!

I've never blushed so much as when reading all your super nice comments on the followers fall giveaway, you guys sure do know how to boost a ego! But really, you all seem to like my blog for the same reasons, recipes, crafts, decorating and country living. That's me in a nut shell, thank you all for taking the time to leave a comment, I wish you all could win, but know that you
all are winners in my book, and I can't say it enough, bloggers are just the best! Country Pleasures will continue to bring you the recipes, crafts, and decorating you enjoy seeing here, thank you!


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