Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sweet September

I had the privilege of staying home yesterday, something I haven't been able to do in months and boy have I missed it! So, I welcomed the first day of September by taking a walk around our 2 acre plot, and found many tame and wild flowers blooming just for me! And with the feel of October in the air, it was a perfect, sweet September day. I was content to stay outside all day but I had big plans for my day at home.

Were using this long Labor Day weekend to re-do the one and only bathroom in our house. It's the only room that hasn't been re-done since we bought the place last year. So, I've had plenty of time to come up with a plan and it will be easy and cheap. I'm sticking with my outhouse theme since I have alot of it, plus I love it. So, I got a jump on the project and painted the cabinets black to cover the ship grey that was once before. I replaced the old, ugly hardware with a nickel plated upgrade which gives it a little classy look. So far, I've only spent about $30 for paint and hardware and now I have a high end looking cabinet without all the mess of removing it and cost of replacing it. Before and after photos will come soon once the whole room is done.

My inner homemaker got busy in the kitchen while the paint dried and I cleaned out all the cabinets, tossing and organizing. I don't have a pantry but would love one, esp. like the one in my header. That is my dream pantry but till then, I have to make do with the storage I have, so after some heavy decluttering, I now have more room for canned goods and sealed containers for dried goods. The house was a mess and it took all day but I'm in the early stages of stocking up and it felt good to have a productive day at home.

My sweet September has stated off in a blissful state and totally domestic, I enjoyed the whole day, just wish it was longer!


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