Monday, August 03, 2009

Summer is Back Giveaway!

I had a feeling August would make up for July, and it has. Today will be 90 and continue all week long. Can't complain really, July was cooler than June, that never happens? And so many bloggers in the northwest had over 100 temps? It's been a odd year, so far. So, I was thinking it was time for a giveaway, a summer related giveaway. Were all busy harvesting our gardens, canning, cooking and eating the bounty that I just may have to have the prize something to relax with, something fun! I'll come up with something, you know me! lol All you got to do is leave a comment here telling me what's been your favorite part of summer, so far. You have till the 15th to do so. Come on, share your summer with us a little! Spread the word too, I just hit 150 followers today, I can't believe it! You're all the best!


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