Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Thirfty Tea Idea

One of the things I love about blogging, and there are many, that it brings the world to me. It's like my very own encyclopedia and boy have I used it, I do get my moneys worth! I came across a new to me blog that got me hooked by this post, tea in a jar. I'm sure you can relate to not having enough space in the fridge for ice tea, or wanting to try different blends over ice but don't have enough space? If this relates to you, check out Angry Chicken for her thrifty idea making a concentrated tea in a jar. I tried it over the 4th of July weekend because I knew I'd have little room with all the leftovers. I must say, it was the best ice tea I've had awhile. And so easy too, I like easy!

All you do is place teabags in a jar, the number of teabags varies to how strong you like it. I used 8 in a quart jar filled with cold water, place in fridge overnight. The next day, squeeze out all the tea you can from the teabags, discard. Now all you do when you want a glass of ice tea is grab a glass, use several spoons of the concentrated tea, again depending on how strong you like it, add cold water, stir and top with ice. Refreshing, takes us less room in the fridge and is thrifty too! Thank you Angry Chicken, still not sure why you named your lovely blog that, but if your reading this, enquiring minds want to know!


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