Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Scappy Swap

I'm in the mood for a swap, a creative one at that! Are you familiar with tag pads? They can be turned into just about anything, but my first thought was a fun swap and a treasure in the end. If your interested, here's how it will go. I'll be taking 10 names, just sign up here. I'll make the first tag so you have an idea of how this works, all you do really is decorate a tag on this cute little pad. You can use your imagination here, or stickers, drawings, scraps of paper, fabric, anything really that you can cram on this pad. With the pad will be enclosed a list of names of all who will receive the pad. Once you have completed your tag, you send it onto the next one on the list and that person will do the same. In the end, it will return home to me with all your lovely works of art, should be fun to see what everyone comes up with! So, who wants to join in on this swap? No talent needed, just a little time to play with it and to get the pad back in the mail in a far amount of time. A list of rules will be tucked inside as a reminder. You can sign up here till we get the 10 names needed to start this, come on, don't be shy!

A fair report, my flower photo placed 5th and the other one, nothing. But it's ok, I'm happy no matter the outcome! I was a little disappointed in the judging though, not because mine didn't do better but the ones that did weren't that great? Nothing really that stood out there as wow, you know? It's always nice to see what catches the judges eye, I just wish they would judge a little more professional. It won't stop me from entering next year, I'll just have to re-think my entries. If your into photography at all, try entering yours in the fair, it gives you another way of looking at objects, plus it's a little rush seeing that ribbon on your photo, no matter the place!


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