Friday, July 10, 2009

Money does buy Happyness!

Can money buy happyness? I think so, not on a grand scale, I would never marry for money but I found this English china plate at a new flea market in town for just $3. I was thrilled, my heart giggled and it just made my day! Money can buy happyness and add to my English china collection too! Funny how the simple act of finding a plate can trigger a rush, it makes you forget about the heat, the lack of rain, and other worries that fog the brain. We all need to treat ourselves more to a little happyness.

I've been working to get my photos ready to enter in the county fair on Sunday. I usually enter a few each year, last year we were busy moving so I didn't enter any at all, and I missed it. So, this year I'm combing through my files to find a few good ones. I love to enter the black and white catagory, the odds are better and I just love the effect of the old finish. Over the years, I've placed in each grade but first, so that is my aim. If I make it, it will be a cheap thrill, it doesn't pay much but even if I don't place at all, the fun, excitment and learning from others, has paid off in ways yet seen.

Do you enter your talents in your county fair? I used to enter my canned goods too but haven't really been canning these last few years. I hope you will get out and support your county fair, go see the exibits, animals and shows, it brings out the kid in us all, and a little happyness too!


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