Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can you help me?

Day 24 of a month of me skipped a day, but I made it to my birthday so I don't feel too bad, I did feel bad yesterday for another reason though....I got my birthday dinner, grazed on the salad bar and came home with a salad bar bug, my stomach hasn't been the same since! I do feel better today but yesterday was just miserable. This heat wave isn't helping either, we could see 100 on Saturday! Needless to say, I'll be inside crafting!
Thank you all for the birthday wishes, your so kind! See my birthday flowers above, aren't they pretty! Hubby got me a MP3 player so I'm trying to figure it all out. I can put music on it, movies, videos, ebooks and photos so there's more to it than plugging it in! Maybe you can help me, where can I find free music downloads for a MP3? I've searched some but so far no really free downloads, do you know of any? I never thought I wanted one, that was before I knew you could put photos and ebooks on them, how fun!
The wedding was hot but lovely, I got some great shots and now I"m working on a collage for them. I must say, I don't feel 50, it's had a day or so to settle in and I feel the same? Not that I really thought I'd feel older but with age comes some reality, maybe it is just a number? lol


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