Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day bloggers! I've found that time really does fly as you get older, and I'm not liking it very much. I feel like I'm so far behind on stuff, gardening mainly. But I can blame the weather for that, but still! Onto May Day, does anyone celebrate it anymore? I think we all should, and I'm starting a new/old tradition within our family, May Day. I love the idea of this, so today, my two little grand daugthers will find a May Day basket hanging on their bedroom doors, filled with fresh flowers and a note from Grandma. I will continue this every year because it does matter to me and I want the girls to know what May Day is all about.
In case your not sure what May Day is, let me explain it to you like I will to them. For many hundred of years, May Day baskets are meant to demonstrate the joy of gift giving, dating back to pre- Christian Europe as a tribute to Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers. A basket of any kind over flowing with flowers is secretly placed on the door step of a neighbor or loved one, demonstrating the gift of giving without receiving. Now, I for one love this concept, if more people would show their love for one another without expecting something in return, I think life would be so much nicer.
So, let's do something about it, it's not too late! Surprise someone today with a little basket of flowers, left on their door, maybe a neighbor, family member or special little girl or two! lol I plan on making up something more traditional but anything that can hold water will do, so get creative and I know how creative you are so share your ideas with us! Bloggers are the best so spread the word and the love! Celebrate May Day with me!


  1. Happy May Day to you too! Lovely post.

  2. I never knew what may day was till 1991 when the little boy across the street he was 7 I believe brought me my first may day bouquet..he was hiding behind our hedges and kept peeking to see if I had gotten them totally made my day..and I will never forget it...:)

  3. Happy May Day Sue! I used to make little flower bundles for my neighbors when I was a child. :) So fun.

    All the best,

  4. Sue,
    Happy May to you! How wonderful and thoughtful to teach the girls something so fab and vintage! later,Lori

  5. I had not heard that explanation of May Day before. Thank you for that. Sounds wonderful.

  6. Happy May Day to you sis.

  7. Thank you for the very interesting May Day lesson. The baskets are sweet.

  8. I love your post. May Day is my favorite day of the year. It's fresh flowers and the arrival of newness in the air.
    I remember as a kid in elementary school dancing around the May Pole.
    Oh what memories..
    RiverBend Farm

  9. Happy May Day, my friend! Oh, how I've missed you! I'm coming back slowly from the illness, but am fighting it with all I have in me. Just caught up with your posts. You'be been a busy bee. Glad you had fun while your sister was with you. Love the May Day idea too. Will have to remember that one. Watch the mail, ok? xxoo

  10. oh what a sweet gift for your grand daughters. hope you have a lovely week this week.


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