Sunday, April 19, 2009


My sister's visit was so much fun, she turned us onto GeoCaching and now I'm hooked! While she was here we found 4 caches and I hid my first one in a nearby nature park. For those of you who don't know what GeoCaching is, and I never heard of it till my sister got involved can be best described as real life treasure hunting! You need a handheld GPS (which I"m looking for a good used one if anyone has one for sale or trade) where you punch in the coordinates of the cache and you begin your hunt to find it. They do provide a map, some hints and photos that do help in the search. I found my first one just by a photo and knowing the area it was hidden in. Once you find the cache, you fill out the logbook, you may take a item from the cache but if you do you must replace it with something, a little trinket, coin or whatever you have. Take something, leave something. And you hide it where you found it for the next person to find. My second cache was out in plain sight, so that was a easy find but a little disappointing for the hunt. The next one we went on, we walked for almost a mile and never found it, we were losing daylight but we will try again.

The photo here shows my third cache, a ammo box full of neat stuff, this cache held a travel bug, my first. I had to place it in my next find, which I did. What I love most about this new hobby of mine is it's another excuse to get out and explore nature plus hunting for treasure is just plain fun! This would be a great idea for a children's group like the Boy and Girl scouts, many caches are geared for kids only. They get to explore plus learn about the area they are geocaching in. I'm anxious to get out and find another one, once I find a GPS that is. Thanks Allison for the new hobby! If your interesting in learning more about GeoCaching check out their offical site, it's free to join in on the hunt!


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