Friday, April 03, 2009

Bedroom Done

Well, almost! As you can see I still have some free wall space, I'm looking for some white shelves or may have hubby make some, not sure yet. And I'm not sold on the layout just yet, but I'll keep playing with it till I am. I got rid of a old chair that used to hold the pillows from the bed while we slept, so I'm having to put them in a basket till I find something else. But it all works and I like it so much better.

Just one week to go before my little sister flys in for the week, it will be our first Easter spent together in decades so that will be nice. I have alot of sister time planned, flea markets, yard sales, day trips and a cookout with the family, not to mention a Easter feast and egg hunt! So, this next week is full of spring cleaning, yard work and waiting anxiously....have a wonderful weekend, I'm heading south today to Home Depot and Lowes for flowers. I can't wait till we get our Lowes, due to open in December, till then, we have to travel a bit, but the drive is worth every mile!


  1. Your room is looking so pretty, Sue!

    I was going to say, a drive is almost always a beautiful experience in your neck of the woods!

  2. Everything is turning out just great and shows you did alot to work:)

  3. Your bedroom looks great! And with the new wall color, it is also very trendy and soothing.
    Sounds like your week will be busy and so much fun in the day ahead. Both of my sisters live a few hours from home, but I get to see them on a regular basis most of the time. Enjoy your time with your sis.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. It looks GREAT sue!!!!!! Well done! :)

  5. I do love it--so fresh and interesting. Love the bedside tables.....

  6. I love it. The colors are so bright and fresh. You and your sister will have so much fun doing all those things.

  7. Peaceful and lovely. You amaze me, girl. I can't stop looking at it. Nice touch with the cross on the wall too. Thanks for sharing your 'dreaming place' with us.

    Hope you and your sister have lots of fun together. xxoo

  8. The room looks great! I hope you have fun with your sister!

    All the best,

  9. Looks great! You are very good at this.

  10. Colo Junkett11:37 PM

    Your Room looks Great It will take time to get it just right
    Thank you for the pictures

  11. Cute!! I love how creative you are!!


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