Friday, January 02, 2009

January Promise

Instead of making New Years resolutions, I'm keeping it simple and hopefully easier, to make monthly promises to myself. This first month, I promise myself to eat better, exercise more and feel better! And I have help, and you too can join in on a fun idea that Joanne has come up with, she's from "A Cottage in the Making" blog and I joined her online diet group, you can read all about it in her post from last week, she will be starting this online exercise next week so you still have time. I think by just checking in with other bloggers who wish the same might keep my inspired some. It's worth a shot, right? I don't eat really bad, just not enough veggies and no fruits at all. In April it will be 3 years since I gave up all sodas, I was hooked on Diet Coke but the artificial sweetener is so bad for you and after doing some research on it, just scared me in giving it up. And I do feel alot better for it. I've also gotten on the whole wheat band wagon years ago, it's all we eat now and love it. I'm a big fan of fiber too and need to continue with that but my biggest hurdle is not exercising long enough, everyday. So, I'm hoping with Joanne's group I can find and keep the motivation I need. If you'd like to join us, just click on her button to the right and check it out! Be sure to let me know if you join us, it would be fun to have my own bloggy buds share this with me, and together we can become a better "me".


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