Friday, January 09, 2009

Bloggers are Blessings.....

You guys are just the best! You got me through what could of been a very long hard time, and even though things are still up in the air, my hubby got called back to work today! We will take what we can get, and three days is easier to make up than weeks, so we are thankful! And my heart smiles just thinking about all the prayers and comfort you have shared with us, the power of prayer is awesome! Thank you!

It's getting closer to that time of thinking about all things pink and heart sharped, in other words, Valentines Day. If you joined us in making handmade valentine cards in my exchange, I hope to get the list out this Sunday so we all can them mailed off by the first of February. You still have one more day to join us in the fun, just email me your mailing info. and email addy.

I strongly believe that the hard times keep you humble and this short scare has got us thinking differently, more thrifty for one. I also learned that there are bloggers out there in worse need than us, longer layoffs and no savings, yet they prayed for us. My heart is full with love for everyone who is going through hard times, my heart is full of hope for you. I will be praying for you daily and for our country, things have to get better soon. Bloggers are blessings, a special breed of special people you are! I'm honored to be apart of this awesome network! My heartfelt thanks to you all!


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