Friday, October 31, 2008

October's End

It was a sweet month, wasn't it. Always sad to see October turn into November, means winter isn't too far off, the trees will be bare again and spring time seems miles away. But I have a hopeful heart that the last two months of this year will be special. We are in our new home, the home I waited a year for, completely re-done to our taste and I'm looking forward to decorating for the holidays. As you know, October was pumpkin month here at Country Pleasures, and I enjoyed sharing favorite recipes and photos with you. So, what do I have planned for November? A month of gratitude of course! I'm going to try to post everyday with a gratitude moment, just something I'm thankful for each day. I did this last year in a gratitude journal, I just found it the other day and the idea of sharing it on my blog was born. We are so blessed for so many reasons that I feel I must record them somehow, someway. The art of sharing can really connect people and with Thanksgiving soon upon us, I just think one day of giving thanks isn't enough. So, if you'd like to join me, let me know and maybe we can link together somehow, and I'll make us a button for our posts. I'd love to read your month of gratitude as I know others will too. Who's going to take my challenge?


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