Thursday, September 04, 2008

Rainy Day Remodel

We used the long weekend to get caught up on the many house projects, this enclosure being one, at the top of the list! I didn't like the washer and dryer being exposed to the dining room so once the new entryway to the library was finished, we enclosed this doorway with a great find from our local Restore (Habitat for Humanity) and I love the outcome. Now I have a private laundry room for just $10!

We've been donating and shopping at our Restore, such a good way to help out and trim your budget too! The library is done, just full of boxes from the kids playroom. I got it painted on Monday and am in the process of finding curtains, rearranging and making the space kid friendly. We've taken the door off, with the new carpet it was too hard to open or shut so I'm looking for a cheap alternative? Any ideas? I was thinking about buying a wood screen door and altering it somehow? The old door maybe used as a chalkboard for the kids, with plenty of room for all four of them!
It's still raining here, we've gotten 6 inches so far but fall is near, a chill is in the air, and have spotted some sumac turning red already. I'm anxious for the new season, less the rain.....


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