Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Primitive Excellence Award

Thank you Carolyn from Cranberry Crossings for awarding me this primitive award, I'm touched! I've only recently gotten into primitives, I've always loved them but felt they never fit in our house, but with a new house that we have totally re-done, they blend well and I feel good about collecting them. I've also tried to add some prim magic to my blog, still working on that. Not sure if this award is for that but it is to me. The rules are simple:
1. Copy and post award on blog
2. Add a link to who granted you the award
3. Nominate 7 blogs who haven't gotten it yet
4. Add these links to your blog
5. Notify your chosen 7
With all the awards going around, everyone should have at least a few to brag about so I hope my 7 hasen't gotten this one yet but are deserving and ones that I have found inspiration from.
1. Country Blossom
2. One Woman's Cottage Life
3. Rabbit Run Cottage
4. Teeny Tiny Cabin
5. Calamity Janes Cottage
6. A Latte Moment
7. FarmHouse Blessings
Congrats to you all, and all blogs can be found here, somewhere! lol


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