Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Fun Week

I'm still so excited that fall is officially here that I'm declaring this week here on my blog " Fall Fun Week"! I'll be bringing you fall themed giveaways, recipes, photos and links to everything fall you could possibly need! This will be fun! Today's fall find is a new to me blog that caught my eye while I was checking out Martha Stewart's blog. Any blog that has chocolate in the title deserves a peek, and what a treat this one is! Lisa at "Stop N Smell the Chocolates" is having a Pumpkin Potpourri week, full of pumpkin delights so be sure to check out her yummy blog and while your there get signed up for her fall giveaway, she's offering 3 ways to win, thanks Lisa! I've already had a fall giveaway but the spirit is in me, so one day this week, I'll be posting a true fall giveaway just for my fall fun week, so stayed tuned! Happy fall!!


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