Monday, August 04, 2008

Man, it's hot outside! A heat wave covering several states has hit the Ozarks with high humidity to match the temps., we do get a heat wave every year for a week or so, but I guess this one is a record breaker, figures since the rest of the year has been breaking records already. As long as the A/C works we will get through it, I can't imagine not having A/C right now! To make matters worse, I've gotten a summer virus and have felt under 100% the last few days, but the doctor gave me some meds so hopefully, this too will pass? I did manage to get the library painted over the weekend, with hubby helping. It's amazing how a $10 can of paint can make all the difference! I'm eager to get my books and magazines unpacked, I've missed them! Book shelves are next, not sure if it will be cheaper to build them or just buy them? Something to check into this week. The craft room is almost set up so I"ll be showing that special space off soon. I hope everyone is keeping cool and doing fun things inside, let me know what your doing to stay cool!


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