Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another Award!

Marie from Stone Flowers has passed onto me a lovely award that I'm honored to receive, thank you Marie! I'm so glad that I make you smile, right back at ya! The rules are a little more in depth than others but so worth the time. Just a smile can change a life! So here goes:
Must link back to the creator of the award ( on the award)
Must post rules
Choose 5 blogs that make you smile
Must fit characteristics of the award
Post characteristics of recipient
Share the award in a post
Thank giver of award

Characteristics for the Smile award
Must display a cheerful attitude
Must love one another
Must make mistakes
Must learn from others
Must be a positive contributor to the blog world
Must love life
Must love kids

Now you know how I feel about awards, I'd give everyone one but since I can only choose 5 this time, I'm picking some of my old favorites who have brought a smile to my face for sometime!
1. Alpicks Treasures- Allison is my little sister who always makes me smile with photos of the desert where I'm from!
2. Pat from Back Porch Musings makes me smile with tales and photos from all around our great state, places I hope to visit someday thanks to her.
3. Marybeth of Day4Plus fame is famous for her wonderful photos of Mt.Rainer and other pretty spots in her area of Washington.
4. Life in the Craft Lane is a fun place for more than smiles but freebies for your blog!
5. Katy from Country Blossom greets you with a smile and it's contagious!

Congrats to you all and thanks for making me smile! All these fine blogs can be found to the right on my favorite friends list.


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