Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hope Floats

That's the good thing about hope, it always rises above things. I already have a prayer journal so why not a hope jar too? One like this lovely container can be bought online, I'm sorry I don't remember where I spotted it but it sure did spark a thought in me! Maybe a hope journal would work the same, a place to jot down all my hopes for myself and family. A record of wishes, to see how many get granted. We don't write things down anymore or record such personal thoughts. It might be interesing to see them in print and time later, either fulfilled or discarded. But at least we would have them in ink, to think about and maybe work towards? I imagine my grand daughers finding a old box of journals after my passing, words, hopes and dreams, written by me that had meaning. Oh how I would of loved to have found some from my own Mom, a treasure to behold and read. Things that were once important to her, might help me know her better. Sadly, I have no writings from my Mom but I plan to leave many behind of mine. Hope jar or journal, we all think about such things, it's time to share them.


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