Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Fall

It's been one busy week with one more day to go before I can slow down a little, but it's a good busy, you know. I thought it was time to update you a little, the weather is fall-ish, with a little color starting to appear thanks to the rain we've been getting this week but the temps. are comfortable saving us from using the heater just yet. We've gotten a second offer on the house, so we are waiting to see what the first offer is going to do now? But I'm remaining hopeful that we will be moving soon, a new house for the holidays would be the best gift of all! Were also gearing up for our grandson's #2 birthday this weekend, they all are getting so big too fast! They aren't babies anymore but little people with minds of their own already! We got our first sell at our Etsy store, that has encouraged us to get busy making Christmas items now, plus we have a craft fair coming up too. I hope all of you are having a blessed week too, the new season can only bring blessings, bright blessings! Happy Fall you all!!


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