Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Special Sunday

No green thumb Sunday today, instead my thoughts are with my 25 year old son, Robbie who has been gifted a church to pastor. For the last few weeks he's been preaching at a small country church that has been without a pastor for a couple of years, sorta like a try out. He's preached there before so it's not totally new to him, but today after the morning service the church voted, and with blessings and excitement, they voted him to pastor their church. I'm so happy for him, being a young preacher and to have his own church already is truly a blessing. He and his wife Melissa, along with daughter, Chloe will start a new chapter in their book of life, one that will not only bring them closer to God, but to serve him in such a gifted way. I always enjoy hearing Robbie preach, he's easy to listen too and undestand. He will make that little country church proud and bring a new life of preaching and serving to a needy house of the Lord. That's my boy!!


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